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FNF Arrow Funk Mod

FNF Arrow Funk Mod is a musical battle on the roof of a metropolis in an abandoned area where young people love to live. The character must defeat the second speaker, prove the right to have a relationship with the girl. According to legend, it is her parents who come up with tests for a young man, because they doubt that he is worthy of communicating with a beauty. The hero is not afraid of such conditions, he is ready to constantly fight with different personalities, the current situation is absolutely comfortable for him. The lady of the heart perceives each battle as an adventure, watches with interest how the guys take turns playing music.

While Mademoiselle is enjoying the spectacle, drinking a latte or eating ice cream, the user will have to tensely press the buttons, timely hit the arrows running up. The outcome of the confrontation depends on the relevance of pressing. The opponent is selected from the list of proposed heroes, the entourage of each fight is different. The situations are united by the need to win, to please your beloved.