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FNF Whitty Test

FNF Whitty Test is a musical test of one of the famous FNF characters. The character with the bright, aggressive look is flashy and nervous. He has a bomb instead of a head. In addition to conflicts with Girlfriend’s father, the guy is known for a tumultuous past with a career as a rock singer. A test of his vocal abilities is the point of this mod. The rocker stands in the center of the screen with a microphone, waiting for instructions. By pressing the arrows, Whitty makes the familiar squeaky sounds. If he manages to get into the rhythm of the tune, the player’s triggered chorus ennobles the piece of music.

After each click, Whitty not only sings, but also moves in a familiar style, demonstrating the versatility of discontent. The gameplay allows you to choose the tempo of the performance yourself, without being guided by the color elements floating around the screen. FNF Whitty Test offers interaction with a popular character with minimal rules and restrictions. A mentee with a complex character will sing obediently under the guidance of the user.