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FNF Skeleton Bros Mod

FNF Skeleton Bros Mod is a curious arcade game in which Boyfriend confronts characters from the Undertale universe. The first encounter will be the skeleton Papyrus. At first he will scare the player under his charge, but an exchange of a couple of phrases will help make sure that the new acquaintance is in a positive mood. The offer to fight in a musical battle will be accepted with admiration and anticipation of an interesting pastime.

Papyrus will surprise you with his quite good vocal data, complementing the singing with funny choreographic elements. The light dancing can be seen as a distraction, because it makes Boyfriend able to forget about performing his part of the party. After the skeleton, other characters from Undertale will take to the imaginary stage, the gameplay becoming more and more addictive with each passing minute. In FNF Skeleton Bros Mod, the user can be guided by the usual control rules and perform typical tasks for the game. The pleasure of getting to know the personalities of the famous game world is guaranteed.