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FNF vs Jeffy Mod (V2)

FNF vs Jeffy Mod is an opportunity to go up against a harmful minor character with a pencil up his nose. The adopted child of the legendary Mario and his lovely wife Rosalina from SML wants to compete with Boyfrend in the art of rapping. There are two ways to compete: the FNF’s lead vocalist competing with Boyfrend, or the troubled schoolboy competing with his prototypical Drawing Jeffy.

The second story has five songs and more diverse adventures. The standard battle with Boyfrend, which involves three tracks, will help set the mood. At first the newcomer will behave calmly, but then will want to use a pencil instead of a microphone and standing in the children’s room in front of the guests will take it out of his nose. This outrage in FNF vs Jeffy Mod will have to endure an entire song, then there will be a move to the stage. The opponent will appear in a cool outfit and black glasses, begin to confidently perform his part and hope that the positive character is sure to fail the musical mission.