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Mii Funkin: vs Eteled

Mii Funkin: vs Eteled is a musical battle between Boyfriend and the dangerous character Eteled. The protagonist, along with Girlfriend, gets into the Wii console. A confrontation with the creature Mii, who has the individual name Eteled, motivates him to offer the usual battle. The opponent’s agreement is initially gratifying. Later, it becomes clear that the random encounter has a multifaceted personality, dark sides and cynical views. For the sake of victory he is ready to navigate in a previously unfamiliar rhythm and swing a huge-sized edged weapon.

The bloody marks hint at the recent use of a cutting instrument. The distractions are skillfully combined with the execution of the vocal component in a low voice. Boyfriend’s lack of failure greatly annoys the local character, and the aggression leads to unintended consequences for the guests. But there is a chance to perform a third song, to fight with a very different character. The inspiration for the development of the mod Mii Funkin: vs Eteled was the four-year anniversary of the animated series We Deleted You. The creators managed to make the denouement unexpected.