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FNF vs Sky Remanifest

FNF vs Sky Remanifest is a new set of musical challenges with a variety of characters and settings. The first anniversary of FNF vs Sky was marked by the release of this mod, scaling the available adventures. First, Boyfriend will have a competition with a fan who is confident in her exclusivity and the prospect of making a perfect match with an idol. After the first song, Sky’s elation transformed into wonder: she did not allow the possibility of rejection. Arguments regarding a relationship with Girlfriend didn’t seem valid. Even the presence of her current lover did not embarrass the fan.

The second piece did not help the girl with blue hair win the favor of the main man in her life. It provoked anger and irritation. The characters instantly moved into a dark room. The suitor’s face turned gray and her eyes lit up with a dangerous light. The Girlfriend took her new position calmly, now nailed to a wooden wall. A profanity-laced altercation with her agitated rival in FNF vs Sky Remanifest preceded the beginning of the toughest track.