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FNF vs Advent Neon Mod

FNF vs Advent Neon Mod is a musical battle in which Boyfriend’s opponent is a character from the platformer AdventNEON. Sitting on the speaker, Girlfriend habitually watches the development of events. The couple in love traveled between dimensions and found themselves in a two-dimensional world. The neon hero was unpleasantly surprised by the appearance of humans, offered to help them move to safety, but was refused. In addition Boyfriend was not even embarrassed when he found out that he was in a robot police state.

AdventNEON’s mechanized hero quickly realized that there was no way to avoid the rap battle. He agreed to play, provided he uses his own music. The neon hero’s insecurity is only apparent at the beginning, as he performs the songs he shows confidence. Surprisingly, the flat dimension robot does not get nervous on the third track, as most personalities in the rest of the mods do. Each member in the FNF vs Advent Neon Mod behaves slightly aggressively, but without being violent.