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FNF Chainsaw Dance Mod

FNF Chainsaw Dance Mod is a tandem of two popular rhythm games, in which Boyfriend participates in a dance battle with Kobeni from Chainsaw Man. The motifs of the famous manga have penetrated into FNF as well, the similar genre stylistics allowed to create a gameplay that is fascinating for fans of both projects. The main distinguishing feature of the mod is the minority of the singing. Characters were not even given microphones. Additional items would have constrained movement, and the mission involves active dancing.

Boyfriend and Kobeni surprise with pretentious tricks, but the user does not have to make decisions about the variety of actions. It is enough to press the arrows in time to indicate the direction. Heroes independently determine what position is more advantageous to take in the moment. FNF Chainsaw Dance Mod has history and free play modes. There is also instruction and the ability to adjust the difficulty level of tasks. Kobeni’s tearful face only at the start evokes pity, then it becomes clear that with tears she is ready to fight almost indefinitely.