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FNF vs Super Sonic Smackdown Mod

FNF vs Super Sonic Smackdown Mod is an entertaining fight against alternate versions of Sonic. Boyfriend once again gets into the cartoonish atmosphere of the blue hedgehog, his enemies, buddies and alter egos. Several evil characters are ready to battle the legendary songwriter to changing beats. The silver and dark beasts will be replaced by the terrifying Terios The Hedgehog, coming out on the third, most active track. In addition to the musical performances, the user will find dialogues with threats and vivid expressions of dislike.

Without scandals will not do, but you can just watch them. But after turning on the voice-over tune you can not relax, because clicking on the arrows determines the number of points gained and allows you to move forward and change opponents. Passivity in FNF vs Super Sonic Smackdown Mod is dangerous. The enemy is able to attack and even crush Boyfriend on a special scale, if the actions are few or irrelevant. Girlfriend’s moral support is inspiring, but does not guarantee a positive outcome, you will have to follow the rhythm yourself.