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FNF vs Minus Mandela Catalogue

FNF vs Minus Mandela Catalogue is a musical rap battle with characters from the famous horror series. According to the legend, the girl’s father offers her potential boyfriend another challenge, this time involving the characters of Mandela Catalogue. An improved version of the Minus mod involves interaction with the same reduced-sized creatures. A different range of melodies and other elements brings newness to the gameplay.

The central part of the screen is occupied by a dark personality with glowing eyes and teeth. The eyes periodically take the form of arrows, and the jaws move to the rhythm of the voice-over tune. The hue of the backlighting changes regularly, and the abrupt movements of the terrifying figure can frighten unprepared players. An opposing guy stands in the corner with a gun aimed at the singing creature. The FNF vs Minus Mandela Catalogue story will appeal not only to horror fans, but also to all music arcade fans who crave a variety of emotions with intuitive action rules.