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FNF vs Challeng-Edd

FNF vs Challeng-Edd is a rhythm arcade game in which Boyfrend must confront the main character from Eddsworld. The musical duel in the courtyard is watched by Girlfriend. The performance also attracts other spectators, who gradually approach, becoming fans. But the benevolence of additional characters is not guaranteed. Someone out of jealousy might become indignant and put the others at risk of destruction.

The story begins in a measured way, with a friendly competition. The positive and bright Edd performs his vocal part with a sincere smile. Further trouble will prove to be sudden for him. The user had better concentrate on pressing the arrows to maintain the tempo of the rhythm in a fickle environment. The FNF vs Challeng-Edd mod offers only story mode, a single opponent and one song. You can only adjust the difficulty level, there are two. Either option obliges you to carefully manage your mentee and overcome various inconveniences.